Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Josh Bedlion is doing what it takes to leave a mark as an artist. In 2012, having cofounded '15 Miles West', the official male a cappella group for Western Oregon University, and receiving his Master of Music degree in 2010, Josh made a bold move to Los Angeles leaving his hometown. Since his arrival he has been involved in the industry as a studio singer, music director, voice teacher, and percussionist.

Performing with groups like The Continental Singers in his early years, to multiple tours with his university’s chamber choir through Europe, Asia, and Carnegie Hall in NYC. From these musical adventures, Josh affirmed his most passionate kind of singing with blending his voice to many different groups, and styles. New to LA, Josh, has already had illuminating experiences and musical opportunities singing for both TV and film. Josh's quick and efficient sight reading skills and vocal blending makes him exactly what you’d want from a session-singer. His friendliness, ability, and professionalism, has helped carry him to back a few artists like Seth MacFarlane, Allen Toussaint, Sonny Turner, and many more.
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